De Amerikaanse presidentsverkiezingen 2004

Nog tot de presidentsverkiezingen van 2008

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zaterdag, november 20, 2004
"We begin today with the only place you're likely to see a Democrat -- a museum." --Jon Stewart, over de inwijding van de Clinton Presidential Library
"You know what today was? The official opening of the Clinton library in Little Rock, Arkansas. You probably saw it on the news. Poured -- nothing but rain, which is kind of ironic because a lot of dresses got ruined." --Jay Leno
"There were 4 presidents there, standing side by side. Presidents Carter, Bush I, Clinton and of course George W. Bush. Kind of looked like the 99 cent store version of Mt. Rushmore" --Jay Leno
"Al Gore was sitting there. I don't wanna say Al Gore is getting big, but he is sitting there, and when Clinton saw him from behind he said, 'Monica?'" --Jay Leno
"The opening of the Clinton Presidential Library -- did you hear about this? President Bush was actually there. It was a good day for him. He raised six and half million dollars." --David Letterman
"President Bush actually was excited to be there because he had never been to a library before." --David Letterman
"Bill Clinton was very excited. What made him very excited was the appearance of Dick Cheney's hot, lesbian daughter." --David Letterman

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